Finding Old Nick

Old Nick, Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000.

I recently visited Cologne, Germany, for the biennial Photokina trade show, a huge convention with all of the latest cameras and every sort of photo accessory you could imagine on display. I was wall-to-wall busy for most of the trip, but had some free time on my arrival day. I had mapped out some spots to shoot around the city, but the one that I really wanted to visit was the Melaten cemetery.

I had done some googling to research cemeteries in Cologne before my trip, and Melaten seemed like the one to visit. It was established as a cemetery in the 19th century, but the history of the area dates back to the 12th; it served as a leper colony starting in 1180, and was a site of many an execution starting in the 16th century.

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The Dirty South and the Big Easy: Memphis and New Orleans

Sigma DP2 Merrill

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’re aware of the fun cell phone testing road trips that I get to go on as part of my job. If not, the basic drill is that I drive from around a city, stopping at 12 spots, with a bunch of cell phones in the back seat of a car, tweeting out an image at each test spot. The data that the phones are collecting is compiled into a comprehensive report at the end of the project.

This year the trip took me (and my navigator/wife, Elisa) to St. Louis, Kansas City, Memphis, and New Orleans. We only had a half-day in St. Louis, and Kansas City was a great spot for BBQ, but the latter cities were the ones that grabbed me from a visual standpoint.

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